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Ground Handling

Ground Handling

Blue Bird Ground Handling provides services for non-contractual partners in all General Aviation categories including Business and VIP flights. The Blue Bird Handling Services office ensures passenger and aircraft handling services at Khartoum International Airport..

The office provides services round the clock, 7 days a week.

We provide the following services:

  • Baggage transfer from Aircraft to the Terminal
  • Customs and passport control
    In cooperation with the Sudan Customs Administration and Sudan Police, we arrange assistance with all formalities when entering the territory of the Republic of Sudan.
  • Transfer from the airport
  • Crew accommodation
  • Special services
    VIP lounge and Press lounge lease, Limousine services
  • Aircraft care
    We will ensure the relevant services according to your aircraft type. We have a complete scenario for aircraft care and we are ready to modify it to meet your requirements.

    The main activities are:
    • securing the aircraft on the tarmac
    • air-conditioning and heating
    • provision of electricity source
    • parking in a hanger
    • fuelling
    • provision of drinking and utility water
    • care of hygienic system
    • aircraft cleaning
  • Catering
    We offer an immediate selection of VIP catering comprised of hot and cold cuisine, according to a catalogue, and direct delivery to the aircraft.
  • Pre-flight preparation
    A programme of pre-flight preparation, including flight plans and meteorological data on the required route are ready for crews.
  • Changes to flight plans
    We are ready for receiving changes to flight plans and flight documentation, and their dispatch to the crew.
  • Payment
    Payments for all services provided by Blue Bird Ground Handling, including landing, parking charges, taxes and noise charges may be settled by contractual customers on agreed upon invoice basis and on agreed upon dates.